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French or Patio doors will enhance any room and create a bright living space. The very highest of security levels are achieved through multiple locking points and dog bolts in the case of French doors or a built in anti jacking system in the Patio doors, both ensure that the doors cannot be lifted off from the outside.

Where customers are looking to remove an existing window and brickwork to take French or Patio doors, a building warrant would be required. We can take care of the whole process from having drawings submitted to Fife Council to cutting out any brickwork and making good once the doors are installed

French Doors : Consist of two opening doors (master and slave) You have the option of the doors opening inwards or outwards depending on your situation. Depending on the size of the brickwork opening, glazed sidescreens may need to be fitted aswell.

Patio Doors : Consist of a sliding door and a single or multiple fixed apertures. All sliding panels on our patios slide internally for added security. Available with low threshold option, also makes the Patio ideal as a room divider.

If you wish to see the French and Patio doors, please call into our showroom or download the brochures available on the right hand side of this page (opens in new window). We also have a photo gallery of some of the doors installed, just click on the gallery icon on the left hand side of this page (opens in new window)