The new UltraRoof 380 by Ultraframe gives you the most advanced lightweight tiled roof system on the market today. It is the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking to replace their tired conservatory roof or where they have limited use of their existing conservatory due to it being too hot to use in the summer or too cold in the winter. UltraRoof 380’s 0.16 U-value is up to 15 times more thermally efficient than a typical old conservatory roof offering unrivalled thermal performance.

One of the features that makes the UltraRoof 380 so unique is its clever, configurable technology that allows the fitment of multiple glass panels. This is something extremely beneficial for those wanting to project some light into the adjacent room and give you a truly bespoke design. Internally, the roof creates a beautiful, vaulted ceiling with a stepped detail in the eaves which can be used to insert spotlights.

With insulated beams, robust, lightweight aluminium framework and unrivalled structural performance – the beauty is more than skin deep with the UltraRoof 380. Engineered to nothing less than exceptional standards, these roofs provide outstanding thermal efficiency and withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Ultraframe are the market leader in conservatory roof systems and are widely regarded as the go-to brand in the industry for well over 30 years. For more technical information on the UltraRoof 380 please download the brochure available on the right hand side of this page (opens in new window)

We also have taken stage by stage photographs showing the installation of a Sunroom with an UltraRoof built from scratch, please click on the construction button on the left hand side of this page.