Casement style windows are the by far the most popular style of window we fit. The main reason for this is that they are suitable for windows on the ground floor & on upper floors. Any casement style windows fitted on the ground floor can opened from the bottom or from the side and can be made up with a combination of opening sashes and fixed panes. Any casement windows fitted on upper floors would need to be side opening as the bottom opening style does not comply with fire & cleaning regulations. Because the window opens outward, it will not interfere with any blinds or curtains you may have.

All casement windows are internally beaded and have a 28mm, Low E argon filled double glazed unit. Each opening sash on casement style windows are fitted with a high security espagnolette and all handles are lockable with a key.


Other available styles

* Tilt n Turn style

* Fully Reversible style

* Vertical Sliding style