Tilt n turn style windows are generally used when replacing windows that are above ground floor level. They can be cleaned easily from inside the property and are also a very good fire escape window. A single opening tilt n turn sash can also be manufactured to sizes that are considerably greater than any of the other styles we offer. The window operates in two different ways. Firstly it tilts inwards slightly at the head of the window for ventilation purposes. Secondly, it opens inward fully, just like a door, for easy cleaning. The only point to note when deciding on this style, when the window opens inward, there may be a possibility it could hit blinds, if there are any, when in the open position.

All tilt n turn style windows are internally beaded and have a 28mm, Low E argon filled double glazed unit. Each opening sash is fitted with a high security locking system and all handles are lockable with a key.


Other available styles

* Casement style

* Fully Reversible style

* Vertical Sliding style